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Moving company Copenhagen

When moving to Denmark, or from one area to another in Denmark, you may want to use the best moving company. 123flyt has been offering relocation services for many years. Our professional movers are very experienced, and speaks both Danish and English fluently. We consider a move succesful, when YOU think it was a success.

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Move Safely

To move or perform a relocation often comes down to trust: Do I trust this person/company with my personal belongings? Moving house can be stressful and uncomfortable, if something breaks in the process. The answer is to trust your mover. A mover can be trusted when you have great references on them, or you meet, and you create your own opinion of the person or company. 123flyt has hundreds of satisfied customers vouching for our mover s.

Do you need storage?

We can remove your personal belongings, if you no longer have the space for them. Or we can store them for you, until you need them back. Prices are fair, and storage is safe. We will move everything according to your needs.

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Moving to Denmark

When you decide to come to Denmark, we can help you get settled comfortably. We know the country, the people and the mentality here. We know what may constitute problems for you. Not many moving companies have such a mover service.

Relocation companies

If you are working in an english speaking company, you may wish to have all your office appliances moved to another office. Years of experience have taught us the difference between moving people and office relocation. 123flyt is an office moving company that has been trusted to move for small and big corporations. As a professional mover, we have also been entrusted with moving governmental facilities.

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How may we move you?

Whether you move to Denmark, or within the borders, we can assist you with safe, quick and fair priced relocation. We can help you remove unwanted items, or place your belongings in storage. Ask for free moving on quotes, or have our trusted movers check out your items. You will then receive a free quote for you to accept if you choose.